Dr Andrew Smith: Treatment for Headache, Neck Pain & TMJ Dysfunction
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Headache, Neck Pain and
TMJ dysfunction Treatments
Dr. Andrew Smith

Our Commitment To You

Your Treatment Success Is Our Focus

Our clinic is the has become the recognized leading authority in the non-surgical treatment of chronic headaches, neck pain and TMJ Dysfunction.

Due to our exclusive A.S. Remodeling Procedure, we’re able to treat cases where other therapies have failed.

Furthermore, we follow a strict 2-Step Patient Qualification Process to ensure that if we accept your case, this means that you have the highest probability of treatment success.

It’s  Time For You To Live Again Without The Pain!

Our Promise To You

Our center is committed to helping our community become
headache free & living happier lives.

Doctor’s Mission

At The Head & Neck Centers Of Excellence we are committed to providing our community with the most advanced non-surgical treatment technology to effective remove your headaches.
Furthermore, with Dr. Smith’s exclusive A.S. Remodeling Procedure, not only is he able to achieve quick results to remove your pain, but he’s also able to achieve LASTING results so that you can once again, enjoy your life on your terms.

Dr. Andrew Smith D.C.

Dr. Andrew Smith has developed the reputation of being able to treat chronic severe headache, neck pain & TMJ Dysfunction sufferers where other practitioners have failed.

In fact, due to the success of his exclusive Non-Surgical A.S. Remodeling Procedure®, patients travel from around the country to seek his services.

So if you’re presently suffering with headaches, chronic neck pain or TMJ issues, have tried other treatment options without success, then you may be a candidate for Dr. Smith’s  care.

Call (561) 630-3775 today to book your FREE Patient Qualification Assessment today.

Your Treatment Success

If you’re like most of our patients, you’ve probably tried several different treatments with disappointing results.
We do things differently here.
We follow a strict 2-Step Patient Qualification process and we’ll only accept you if we feel you have the highest probability of treatment success.

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